Is a truck blockade on the cards at the QLD border…?

A new so-called policy was spoken about by QLD Premier a few days ago.


This truck driver is definitely not taking the vaccine…and even talks about a blockade.


WARNING – there’s swearing in this video

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  1. AGREED, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This has gone beyond ridiculous. I had a bit of a laugh to myself, all this nonsense because of a fear of dying????? Last time I checked we all are mortal, let’s live while we are alive. I love the plain speaking of this truck driver.

  2. I’m a Queenslander and so proud that the NSW truckies are fighting our battles with us…these traitors who are supposedd to be working for us on every level are destroying the people, economy, and country for their own gains. I hope the Qld truckies support these brave New South Welshmen. I come from a trucking background and will be down on the border supporting every patriotic Aussie any way, my friends and I can. The truckies once again rally to help all Aussies stand up to these overpaid traitors. It’s not the first time and I know it won’t be the last time, they put theirs and their families lives and income on the line for the better good. I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts..they are our Calvary and deserve the utmost support even to those who have sold their souls to the dark side by taking the poisonous jab. I have had to watch as the majority of my PC woke and virtue signalling family have sold out and it will only be the unjabbed who will be able to look after them and try to care for them. Thank you patriotic truckies one and all, stay strong in your truth and know a big percentage of us will have your backs…we can’t let borders divide our people any more…

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