Truth and Treachery event with Pat Mesiti


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  1. We Australians are incredibly thankful for you and all the other wonderful people fighting for our civil rights and our human rights and our medical rights and freedoms.
    All those obscene governmental and medical tyrants must be thrown out on their bloody ears.
    How dare they do this to us? Our rights. Our freedoms. Our country and our lives! You can all go to hell and you’re 97%. Of the way there.
    You will not win destroying our democracy so give up now !!!

  2. What a great interview. My heart is lifted to see MPs coming on board and taking a strong stand.
    A few months ago I thought that the people had been abandoned by corrupt politicians but there are a still a few good ones out there backing human rights and the constitution. Our Prime Minister could have put an end to the mandates this week so I have not one ounce of respect for him, and I hope the Cross Benchers show the world how freedom is regained. Thank you and the other MPs who are refusing to vote until mandates are lifted.