NSW brings forward more freedoms for vaccinated, delays easing of restrictions for unvaccinated

Fully vaccinated people will be able to have unlimited visitors to their home, hospitality venues can host more diners and nightclubs will reopen for dancing in NSW from this Monday, after the state government decided to bring a number of freedoms forward on its road map.

The changes will mean restrictions are set to ease for all residents on December 1 will instead ease only for people who have received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, November 8.

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Watch Discernable below interviews vaccine inventor Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University who says that his profession has gone silent and is now simply ‘parroting whatever the government line is’.

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  1. Maybe it is a good thing that restrictions for us “unjabbed” remain in place. As we have already experienced recently outbreaks of the Chinese flu are occurring in venues lauded as “exclusive” for the double jabbed! They totally seem to miss the irony of the situation.

  2. So, just to be clear, when the fully vaccinated test positive for covid 19, there will be delays in release from lockdowns for the unvaccinated. Does this make sense? Am I missing something? Please explain!!!!! How long is this going to carry on? What are we going to do?

    1. It makes no sense in reality of course! The idea behind this coercive action is to try to apply pressure on us unvaxxed to take the deadly jab, no more no less. Just ignore and continue as best as we can.

      1. Well, none of this makes any sense of course. They are only doing this so that they can get 100% of people vaxxed. Must be something very important in those jabs for them to be so ardent! Anyway this is nothing about a virus and nothing about health. It is about the ultimate control of all beings on this planet. This had been brewing for decades and this little virus, whether accidental or deliberate is providing the exact pretext to pull this off. The stupidist thing is that the passports are irrelevant because if vaxxed people can get it and die and also pass it on then the passports are useless. So the only reason for them to do this is to get control of you and your body and have you consent to said slavery.

  3. It’s all so unbelievably DUMB. So very hard to understand how people are falling for the BS. Wake up you vaccinated guys, come stand with us. You’ve been conned into a roller coaster of booster shots to satisfy some deal done between Pharma and the government. No booster, no job, no freedom.

  4. And I can’t drive a car if I hit 0.09 BAL. Life isn’t fair. Get vaxxed

  5. The best I’ve heard of so far is as follows,
    An Australian naval ship of fully vaccinated sailors has been out to sea for approximately 4 weeks, after such time away from shore they had a covid outbreak on said ship!! Let that sink in.

  6. C’mon, you all KNEW this was going to happen! There is NO sense, NO ‘science’, and NO legitimate medical reasoning behind this further extension of punitive ‘social class’ distinction and separation in nsw. pair-a-twos is just another puppet and ventriloquist dummy in the control of the cabal, tasked with the continued physical, financial and above all, emotional blackmail inflicted on those who WILL NOT COMPLY, with the sole aim of 100% injected, no ifs, buts or maybes. Stay strong.