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  1. The numbers for each poll seem suspicious if people are on the page would they not answer each question? I mean i doubt 70k people would be voting for a lock down extension.

  2. More Big News from Alberta Canada.
    “An Alberta man subpoenaed the province’s Chief Medical Officer in a court case disputing a $1200 covid fine he received for violating covid regulations…and he won! He requested the CMO provide proof of isolation of the virus. In a stunning admission, lawyers for the CMO stated they could not provide the information he requested and therefore could not justify her Health Order restrictions and the case was dismissed. The fact they had NO EVIDENCE of the virus was stated ON THE COURT RECORD leaving everybody shocked. Shortly after, the CMO announced ALL covid restrictions province wide would be lifted. ”
    It’s time to hit back through the courts here in
    Australia. Maybe a chip-in to fund it.

  3. No one has the right to take away our liberties,
    if this goes ahead, I will stop buying their products
    which I have been buying for many years.