Daniel Andrews warns a MAJOR change to the definition of fully vaccinated will be coming to Australia TODAY

National Cabinet could today change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ in Australia to apply only to people who have had three doses of a Covid vaccine, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has warned.

Mr Andrews said on Thursday that he hoped state premiers and chief ministers will agree to the updated definition at a leadership meeting this afternoon.

‘The third dose has never been more important, particularly as we head towards the first day of school,’ Mr Andrews told reporters.    

‘This is not a two-dose thing (or) two doses and a bonus – it is absolutely critical and essential. Hopefully we get that confirmation today. 


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  1. I was just reading that the NSW Health Minister is calling for this change to the definition of fully vaccinated as well. I’m just about to head off to Canada to visit family, only got the first two jabs early in the rollout so I could travel. Totally regret it now after learning about the use of foetal cell lines in the testing phase of the Pfizer vaccine. I refuse to take any more. Wondering if I’ll get stuck in two weeks quarantine when I return to Australia if I don’t get boosted?

    1. Hi Rob, Keep your eyes and ears peeled for “Novavax” now just recently passed by TGA in Australia. It is “formulated” the same as traditional protein based vacines in the past — so nothing goes into your cells again….Ingredient details are unknown as yet …… so keep an eye out for any info on it…… sounds the better thus far

  2. I heard today that Andrews changes to definition of “fully vaxed” has not changed,
    it does not include the booster (which he was going to make mandatory), it is still
    “double vaxed”. He also wanted to extend the isolation period from 7 days, that
    didn’t happen either. Can someone please confirm for me that this is true??

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