Brand new RDA series premiered last night – WATCH THE REPLAY

We hosted our first ever series last night called TOGETHER WE CAN…get our liberties back.

It’s a way for the public to see what each group is up to and support them in any way they can.
We will be hosting these events fortnightly, so stay tuned for the next one.

Below is a list of guests, what they spoke about, and links to their groups/organisations/channels. Please read through it…there are some GREAT LINKS PROVIDED.

See the full broadcast below.

Morgan C Jonas

Independent media show 4x per week from 8 pm. Aired only on Rumble. Combatting the mainstream media lies.


“I started MCJ report to counter the mainstream media. Many of us know important information is withheld from us”. Check out his show.

Graham Hood

Spoke about the new organisations coming up in the next week or so. Very inspiring. He also brings up some new ideas and brings us hope.

Exciting new actions Graham talked about;
1. – website not finished yet. Stay tuned
2. 2-300 Australian Celebrities are ready to launch a massive campaign advocating for FREEDOM OF CHOICE – Stay tuned.

Fanos Panayides

Talks about how he came to be doing what he’s doing and what his motivations are. He also talks about the different ways you can support him and he can support you with what you need.

All it takes is one word from an unexpected source…to get through to someone…that tipping point could come at the most unexpected time”. So have a look at his podcast, you never know what you’ll learn.


Narelle Fraser

Talks about Human Rights Advocates and the free and paid resources they have to help you. Check out their site.

“HRA was born from a desire to help vulnerable members of the community…We’re a group of passionate, fierce people who really want to fight for those who perhaps can’t do it for themselves.” 

Christian Mack

His talk is a bit jumpy at the start, but it gets better I promise 🙂

Christian uses his time to inspire us to keep fighting. He has a past career in coaching and his talk is extremely motivating.

“This is one of the most shameful times in history…if you feel like you’re the only one, have a look at what happened over the weekend. That’s not a coincidence…you are not in the minority!” 

Ursula Hulajko

Unite now is a well-organised telegram group that helps different industries find help and support within their own industry. They have over 60 industries represented.

“People are folding because they’re feeling isolated, alone, and backed into a corner. This allows people to have support and direction. They can connect with other people who have worked it out within their industry”

Pearse Casey

SKIP Australia and our little skipping girl came to life after a group of concerned parents, grandparents, and citizens from in and around Castlemaine, Victoria, came together to discuss what they could do in response to a growing pressure to vaccinate the youngest members of our community against Covid-19 and its variants.

He talks about their new bulletin regarding sporting facilities and the discrimination people are experiencing. See the bulletin here –

“We’re allowed to have concerns, we’re allowed to voice our concerns and if no one is going to represent us, we’ll do it ourselves”.


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  1. Matthew James
    18 November at 19:50 ·
    To all Queenslanders. As I have just read from my Uncle. Have just found out from local council that the QLD GOV is currently taking a survey from EVERY QLD council to see how many people are contacting their council to object to the mandate. They have NOT let the people know so the survey will show no objection. Contact everyone you know who objects and tell them to contact their council. Email each councilor. It takes 10mins. Now is the open door to act and get choice back in our country. Please take this seriously. We have been involved in the proceedings up here and it takes persistent fighting. Make your voice heard. The mandate in NOT law yet. Don’t let it get that far. This IS LEGAL and safe to do..