Whose health are we protecting exactly???

It’s August 2021. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I live in a beautiful country with wide-open spaces and friendly smiles. I live in a city that used to be ranked the most liveable city in the world.

This is where I live…but where I live has changed.

Every day there’s numerous videos of police brutality shared online. Our Premiers make decisions on a whim that affect millions of us. Every day we wake up not knowing what could happen. Every day we hear news of an iconic shop or restaurant closing down for good…we’re surrounded by the unknown. This feels like torture but we aren’t allowed to complain because that would be selfish.

The world is looking upon on in disbelief. A country that used to be envied by all is now the last place anyone would willingly come. Travellers used to work in the blistering sun on a dirty farm for three months just to stay here a little longer. Foreigners used to do whatever they could to stay here…now our own citizens want to flee.

Our fellow countrymen and women are turning against each other. They’re dibber-dobbing joy and freedom to the authorities who then kick down doors to make the fun stop. Elderly men are being arrested for walking in the park, elderly women are being pushed to the side and pepper-sprayed.

All for the sake of health. My question is…whose health are we protecting again? Sorry, I’m just really confused.

Whose lives are we saving? Whose lives are we making better? Everyone I know is not safer, happier or healthier…who are we protecting again?

Oh, that’s right, we’re protecting the elderly…how silly of me to forget. The elderly who are dying alone without their family. The elderly who don’t even have proper funerals because no one can go. The same elderly who are imprisoned in their tiny rooms with no ventilation or human contact.

I wonder, has anyone actually asked the elderly what they’d prefer…take their chance with COVID or die alone? Has anyone asked them how they feel about the government using their potential deaths as the guilt trip that locks millions of young and healthy people up. Please assure me that someone has asked them?

They say it’s for our health. I ask you again…whose health?

From where I’m standing…everyone’s health is going backwards. We’re not getting enough sunlight, we’re not having enough fun, we’re not connecting with each other, we’re not exploring and getting into mischief…we’re all slowly dying locked up in our house to protect our health!


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  1. Good morning Monica,
    Yet another article, ill-informed and anti-authority.
    And I am responding once more as I have done to numerous other articles in an endeavour to engage with someone in your upper echelons.
    Except for two early responses, one kindly guiding me into login and the second an introductory phone call on joining, there has been no response from you or your staff.
    If this is your idea of engaging with “grassroots” you have failed miserably.
    I am a from a 3rd generation Anglo/Irish Australian family with strong ties of service to the ADF and community services such as Victorian Police.
    This article offends us who have battled against such inflammatory, divisive, dishonest outbursts in our beautiful country. Smacks of Goebells propaganda and and is unhealthy.
    This is where we part Monica.
    I am unwilling to attach my good name to such an organisation.
    I should have remembered “all that glitters is not gold”
    I wish you Good Health.

      1. Wouldn’t bother , just a troll leaving negative comments on multiple posts, if u comment asking them , they merely just slander ya lol, I attempted to understand their point and just got my ear ripped off and labelled the bad guy lol 

    1. Your criticism Demobil82 will only fall on deaf ears unless you provide some kind of data / evidence / constructive philosophy which explains where Monica has gone wrong.
      Instead you provide an alleged history of your life/family which is meaningless, since it is not an argument at all.
      So far as all the evidence I’ve come across shows, Monica is perfectly on point.

  2. Authority and Leadership can be but are not necessarily Mutually Exclusive.
    I have had the privilege and honour to train, command, and lead some of the finest combat troops in the world. I had been given the authority vested in me through my rank to lead men into battle being fully aware that some of us may die. I had many leaders within my platoon who had not been given authority/rank to command. This did not prevent me from drawing upon their leadership to help guide me as well as others within the platoon. Leaders are not born they are a product of many life long experiences and the knowledge gained from all the mistakes along the way (and I’ve made them all), gratefully not fatal. I was also witness to many who had authority vested in them who had no leadership and relied on threats and intimidation as a means of advancing their selfish agendas. I learned later that this was mainly a result of their fears and insecurities. Unfortunately it appears that in our current situation the courage of leadership has faded from our social and political discourse and we have allowed its incremental creep for years. The question to ask is what now can I do? What strengths of character do I need to draw upon? Have I the courage to engage as our ancestors had with hard fought battles as free men and women. Rights are easily eroded but hard won. @monicasmit @Demobil82 @jackiestrade @StuartJBurrows @Excogitatoris @nsh

  3. Good evening,
    Here is some information that might help Demobil82. Last year my business was closed for 5 and half months as customers failed to materialize. We retrenched all our staff except immediate family and withdrew superannuation and suspended loans for six months, both home and business. So when I read the post of Demobil82 I felt like they should read this post. Remember how we are all in this together well that’s was a load of Goebells propaganda and I have the lived experience to prove it. As regards to being proud about your anglo/irish background I think I have a couple of generations on you. Great to see a strong services based history but remember the incomes of government services were paid by private citizens like myself, so go easy on your level of pride as these where privilege positions.
    I also wish you Good Health and ask you to less antagonist towards those attempting to heal an ill caused by the inadequacies of policy and deleterious applications of them.

  4. I do not believe we are protecting ANY health, rather – it suits the agenda to destroy health, decimate population numbers, eliminate the elderly (Which fits in with the Abortion and the euthanasia policies already celebrated as adopted), and what better way to do that than to have ordinary people turn on each other?

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