Kids “Zero to Four” Added to Vaxx Injury Claims

Health authorities are adding children aged zero to four to Australia’s vaccine injury compensation claims scheme, as health authorities finish defining regulations to administer Covid-19 vaccines to babies and toddlers. Currently no coronavirus vaccines have been approved for children under five in Australia, however Greg Hunt has declared at Tuesday night’s budget meeting that planning is under way for “children aged zero to four.” 

Mr Hunt elucidated his belief that “vaccination against Covid-19 remains the most effective way to prevent severe disease, hospitalisation and death.”

“To date, more than 56 million Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered around Australia and more than 95 per cent of our population over the age of 16 (more than 19.9 million) have had at least one dose.”

“The government is investing more than $1 billion over two years to ensure continued access to safe and effective vaccines for all eligible people.” Mr Hunt said

“An investment of $690.4 million will see the vaccination program continue until the end of 2022, and ensure we are well prepared should medical advice recommend additional population groups be vaccinated, such as children aged zero to four years.”

Although not mentioned during the budget meeting, it has been noted in the new budget papers that the government had extended the Covid-19 vaccine claims scheme “to include children aged zero to four years and fourth doses for priority cohorts to access compensation for claims related to the administration of Therapeutic Goods Administration approved Covid-19 vaccines”.

The scheme allows citizens who suffer serious adverse reactions to the Covid-19 jabs the ability to claim up to $20,000 for lost income, medical bills, and other expenses. The scheme first started paying out claims earlier this year after more than 10,000 applications were registered.


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  1. It quickly becomes clear that all Western governments are pressing on with these deadly gene therapy jabs regardless of absolutely knowing that in the end it really must be called what it amounts to and that is GENOCIDE! You really have to ask yourself, WHO AND OR WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE INDIVIDUALS morally capable to knowingly set about to eliminate their own race??
    They continue to call these jabs”safe and effective” even though we know that according to the released Pfizer report that statement cannot be supported!
    Nothing and no evidence to the contrary seems to get even close to stopping this madness!! What possible realistic and plausible reason could there be to innoculate Babies and children?? By the way
    MSM is now making a song and dance about “heart” health in trying to explain away this raft of suddenly occurring heart attacks among young and middle aged people.
    The idiot on channel ten even declared that at least we get to learn about defibrillators!? Of course we all see the elephant in the room.

  2. Greg Hunt is a past student of Klaus Schwabs ‘school for young global leaders’ as was Morrison, Macron, Trudeau, Ardern to name a few. And these all push the WEF agenda of a ‘great reset’ aka New World Order aka Agenda 21/2030. What they’re saying is ‘by 2030 we will own nothing’.
    These people also believe in depopulation. The spike protein in the jabbs attach to your cells. A protein made in the body attached to these cells naturally signifies to white blood cells that the cell is part of the body therefore it is not attacked as a foreign body, but now with this foreign spike protein that cell is now not recognised and thus it is attacked. This is causing an autoimmune response, in other words, AIDS, so every one who has has the jabb now has a compromised immune system. So how many will end up dying?? Heart attacks are already on the rise with ususual blocked arteries.

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