The video that can convince parents to not inject their children!!!

Remember, Dr. Robert Malone invented MRNA vaccines. he’s dedicated his life to vaccine research…and they still try to call him an anti-vaxxer. It’s really quite ridiculous.

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  1. Thank you Dr Malone for this information. I am amazed at the fact that MOST of the vaxxed have forgotten that this vaccine has NOT been approved and is a danger really to everyone who has it.

  2. How treacherous to name this dangerous preparation a vaccination. When it clearly is nothing of the sort. Parents would believe that they are acting responsibly when in fact they are acting out of a misguided faith in the religion of the medical industry. Tragic isn’t enough to describe this incredulous situation. Thank you Dr Malone.

  3. HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT by Gideon J Jacobs December, 2021

    Conclusion: The company has complied to its obligation under the various Work Health and Safety Acts’ requirements and determined based on a risk assessment that it cannot require any employee to have a Covid-19 vaccination. It can also not discriminate against any employee based on their Covid-19 vaccination status. Any state or federal directive or mandate requiring to do so will be in contradiction to both the Queensland and Australian Work Health and Safety Acts of 2011 as well as the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992.”