Professor Ian Brighthope brings us HOPE – Full Interview now available


There is hope.

You can even share it with your MPs by using this tool – CLICK HERE


I also highly suggest you check out the Covid Medical Network – there’s a group of Aussie Doctors fighting for our rights – CLICK HERE

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  1. This man quietly shows how the medical profession is seriously compromised and controlled. He is talking about an attitude and practices that are the antithesis of health and wellness. It all needs to change. There are people with blood on their hands.

  2. Well done Monica, and God bless you. I have trusted in natural health and supplements for fifty years, not taken drugs from doctors for nearly as long, and by Gods Grace and fit and healthy at 70. So I believe in Dr Brighthopes message 100%. I’m not optimistic at all at changing the minds of governments or the sickness industry. This “pandemic” has only shown that they are so corrupt as to focus on becoming rich while millions suffer. It is up to us as individuals to look after our own health, and collectively to send a message to politicians that we will NOT consent to their misguided restrictions and laws.

  3. Thank you Monica for this interview with Professor Brighthope. I was thinking what an appropriate name for an amazing human being. He covers everything in a quiet knowledgeable manner and I sincerely hope this information sinks in to all those who have been wondering why they feel things aren’t making sense – the message is about wellness, not sickness – so inspiring.

  4. Let’s correct some misconceptions:
    1. Covid is not deadly, at best it is the same as the flu, if it exists at all. The flu deaths in Australia have been officially zero since July 2020, probably before. Quote: “There has not been a death certified due to influenza since late July 2020” Source: ABS:
    2. the overall death rate is the same as the previous 6 years in Australia, so there is no pandemic, and there can be no new virus without changing that rate
    3. Ivermectin, masks, HCQ was banned; the propaganda and media manipulation proves alternative treatments have been suppressed. Why?
    4. It is a depopulation weapon.

  5. Starting to realise Slip, Slop, Slap was a genocide and big pharma sales campaign by the government. My kids weren’t allowed in the sun 5 days a week, MUST have a hat and slathered in sunscreen to be outside at all times.