QLD & VIC letters sent stating 12-15-year-olds can book their own vaccination – deemed “mature minor” by the State.

Letters have been sent out from VIC and QLD Governments advising parents that now 12-15-year-olds may be deemed a “mature minor” or “mature enough” to provide informed consent to a vaccine WITHOUT parental consent.

This is an outrage and EVERY parent should be taking a stand against this kind of medical tyranny!

How to fight back –

Join us in sending a strong message to any schools, daycares, kindergartens and care providers in your local area.  Given that most of the country is in some kind of lockdown, you can be involved with different levels of activity.

Join our Save the Kids Campaign here and get active and make the change!

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Concerned Parents Website

Skip Australia 

SKIP Australia and our little skipping girl came to life after a group of concerned parents, grandparents and citizens from in and around Castlemaine, Victoria, came together to discuss what they could do in response to a growing pressure to vaccinate the youngest members of our community against Covid-19 and its variants.

We also share concerns about the negative impacts of mask-wearing, lockdowns, interrupted learning and isolation on the health and well-being of our children among others.

Teachers Unite in Push Back

Australian Education United

We are Australian Education United, an Australian-wide collective of teachers, parents, child care workers, support staff, and executives who say NO to mandatory vaccination. Our growing popularity stems from legitimate health concerns we have regarding the covid-19 vaccinations, due to limited safety and efficacy data, and the significant and growing number of vaccine-related injuries and deaths, as reported by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The government should never interfere with the sacred doctor-patient relationship. We are entitled to informed consent and conscientious objection, without coercion and the threat of losing our jobs. This group consists of many thousands of education staff and parents, being a significant portion of the workforce, and we have taken matters into our hands to improve our chance of being heard.

Victorian State Government Letter

Queensland State Government Letter

Breaking – United Kingdom – Covid teams can vaccinate pupils against parents’ wishes, schools told

Guidelines say health staff can decide whether children receive jab without parental consent, as headteachers fear protests

Healthcare staff can decide whether children get a Covid vaccine against the wishes of their parents, according to government guidelines published on Wednesday that left some headteachers fearing protests at the school gates.

The guidelines say vaccinations for children aged 12 to 15 will be administered by School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) teams that already carry out flu and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations in England. The role of schools will be limited to providing a site and distributing information and consent forms to pupils and parents.

Read Full Article Here

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  1. This is a very troubling development. Both parents and children must have access to accurate information on healthcare choices. However, the government is supporting a drug that has an efficacy not backed by any scientific or medical studies. Therefore how is it expected that a child is able to provide informed consent?

    1. Hi Freedom, I feel these are important reasons worth highlighting:

      Conducting a medical experiment, without explicit consent and understanding of risks/benefits

      Children have a very high recovery rate 99.98%

      Provisional approved injections do not have long term safety data and they weren’t tested for 16< year olds

      Fertility issues have been reported with Pfizer (can cite Prof. Mike Yeadon)


    There is a parallel campaign to lodge a complaint with NSW Education over the proposal to vax end October/early Nov. An idea is provided below, feel free to change it up.

    You could add some of the links to Dr. videos from the QLD/VIC template letters to provide a teachable moment.

    email: georgina.harrison@det.nsw.au
    and CC: secretary@mail.education.nsw.gov.au

    Georgina Harrison
    Deputy secretary Department of Education

    Dear Ms Harrison,

    I am writing to you as a concerned community member/school staff member and wish to make a formal complaint regarding the mandating of Covid 19 vaccinations for school staff by late october/early november 2021.

    The Department aspires to certain values, and I believe this decision is contrary to those values.

    Please allow me to remind you of those values and why I believe they are being ignored by this action.

    Accountability: The potential loss of experienced, new, and aspiring teachers will create a void in the departments, ability to continuously improve at a time when there is a teacher shortage and aging teaching staff.

    This decision is clearly not supportive of all school staff as some staff will be clearly disadvantaged, therefore the goals and targets established by DoE will be adversely impacted on thus disadvantaging students.

    Service: This action and the potential loss of staff does not meet the needs of different stakeholders including schools, staff, agencies, parents, and carers and most importantly, students. There has been no written communication regarding the specific health advice that has informed this action and this action does not align with the strategic directions of the department.

    Integrity: The ethical questions surrounding the mandating of an experimental vaccine for a professional to maintain their position is at best questionable and is not in the best interests of the department. Again, there has been no transparency regarding the specific scientific evidence that is behind this action.

    Equity: This action is clearly not open to considering “others’ views and ideas” nor does it “celebrate diversity”. In addition, “equal opportunities” are clearly not being created nor is this a “fair” and reasonable action. There is no equity in mandating vaccines and threatening professional’s livelihoods and commitment to their students.

    Trust: Respectful communication is at jeopardy when staff are being coerced into a position. Transparency, openness, fairness, and consistency is not present in the way this decision was taken nor in the action itself.

    Excellence: Teaching staff are all accredited through NESA and have undertaken many hours of professional learning to improve and support students. Despite this level of commitment over many years for some, the professionalism and commitment to excellence will now be judged purely on whether that professional has undergone a medical procedure. This action does not demonstrate a commitment to excellence and continuous professional development.

    My formal complaint is as follows;

    The values above underpin all actions that Department of Education staff undertake and as a department employee you appear to be ignoring or not considering these in supporting and implementing the mandating of vaccines for all school staff. As such, by not meeting any of these values, you are in breach of numerous aspects of the department’s Code of Conduct and should cease to support this action immediately.

    Furthermore, I would ask that you provide advice to the Education Minister that you are unable to carry out the implementation of this action as it breaches our values and code of conduct and provide to me when this occurs or why it has not occurred.

    I would also request that you provide to me the scientific evidence that children will be safer if all staff are vaccinated, the written health advice from which this decision was made and scientific evidence that the current Covid 19 vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

    I look forward to your reply


    They are leveraging the power of keyboard warriors to send letters enmass to groups of professionals e.g. Doctors/Pharmacists/Military, and many more to come.

    They provide a tailored, template letter to email out. The great thing is that we can report who we emailed (an alias would be ok I guess). This encourages momentum as there is a map showing how many emails have been sent.

    The multiplication effect means if we can encourage 1 or 2 others to do the same, and we regularly email different doctors/pharams etc. it can rapidly expand.

    We can use white pages to find all the doctors in a particular suburb and do it in free time. Once one email is done, it’s just a matter of updating the name/address/email.

    There is a plan to do this for MPs! then we are cooking with guess. Once 1,000+ emails are received that should get them worried for their seat in February!

    The templated letter stipulates a continuation of covid enforcement would lead to Nurenberg 2.0 prosecution. So do read to ensure you are happy with a more direct approach.

    We can contact them to see if we can report schools we have emailed. Again this builds momentum!

  4. Have they finished getting rid of the oldies (that’s me)?? How sick
    can you get, going after children and children that age making a
    decision that could kill them or disable them some way permanently?
    The evil is spreading, how can we stop it?

  5. Vaccination and the Media – Conflicts of Interest in Australia
    39 June, 2020
    Around the world there’s a constant barrage of articles in the mainstream corporate media berating ‘anti-vaxxers’ and hindering citizens asking legitimate questions about vaccination policy.

    In Australia recently The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have published a series of articles with an ‘anti-vaxxer’ theme – what is the motive behind the labelling and marginalisation of people who ask questions about vaccination? This is especially important to consider now as research on questionable coronavirus vaccines is being fast-tracked around the world.
    Conflicts of interest are clouding this issue.
    For an Australian perspective, see below independent vaccination campaigner Elizabeth Hart’s challenge to former politician Peter Costello.
    Costello is now Chairman of an Australian Government Investment Fund which includes over a billion dollars’ worth of vaccine company shares, while he also chairs a media company which publishes articles demeaning and marginalising people who question the ever-increasing number of lucrative vaccine products being added to the vaccination schedule.
    There’s a murky story to uncover about relationships between the media and vaccine industry…and connections with government.
    We the people have to work on exposing this scandal ourselves…
    16 June 2020
    For the attention of:
    Mr Peter Costello
    Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Future Fund
    Non-Executive Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co
    Dear Mr Costello,
    It appears you have alarming conflicts of interest in your roles as Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co, and Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Future Fund.

    Nine Entertainment Co’s media promotes biased articles on vaccination, which ignore citizens’ valid concerns about vaccination policy and the burgeoning number of vaccine products being added to schedules without consultation, while the Future Fund has over a billion dollars invested in companies which inter alia manufacture lucrative vaccine products, i.e. CSL, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck.

    Consider below recent articles published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and other publications, which are generally couched as attacks on ‘anti-vaxxers’, and fail to provide critical analysis of complicated matters relevant to taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, i.e.

    ‘Dangerous’: Researchers note ‘massive uptick’ in anti-vaccination activity. Wendy Tuohy, 14 June 2020
    Government must counter misinformation on vaccinations. The Herald’s View, 14 June 2020
    Experts warn of new strains of misinformation as COVID-19 seeds conspiracy theories. Tim Biggs, 8 June 2020
    ‘Slap them down’ or hear them out: How to handle misinformation ‘superspreaders’? Wendy Tuohy, 31 May 2020
    ‘Act now’: AMA urges health education to combat ‘growing’ anti-vaxxer movement. Max Koslowski, 25 May 2020
    Federal ministers flooded with unprecedented level of anti-vaccination mail. Max Koslowski, 24 May 2020
    Queensland bans NRL players who refuse flu jab on non-medical grounds. Laine Clark and Scott Bailey, 12 May 2020
    Flu-jab duo face potential pay freeze as NRL, Titans brace for courtroom showdown. Michael Chammas and Sarah Keoghan, 11 May 2020
    Anti-vaccination activists use coronavirus to push resistance to inoculation. Peter Jamison, 6 May 2020
    Vaccination-sceptic political party wins name change despite heavyweight objectors. Zach Hope, 2 May 2020
    ‘Anti-vaxxers stay home’: Health Minister issues warning, announces new flu vaccine program for all primary school children. Lauren Pilat, 27 April 2020
    ‘Absolutely insane’: Anti-vaxxers promote coronavirus conspiracies. Caitlin Fitzsimmons and Tom Rabe, 20 April 2020
    Meanwhile, CSL/Seqirus receives product promotion and endorsement courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald, i.e.

    ‘There will be enough’: CSL to hit record flu vaccine production. (Emma Koehn, 19 April 2020.)
    Did CSL/Seqirus pay for this flu vaccine product promotion in The Sydney Morning Herald?

    Mr Costello, the Future Fund has invested over a billion dollars in companies which inter alia manufacture vaccine products – it appears you have a conflict of interest in also being Chairman of a corporate media group which discredits and marginalises citizens who question taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, reflexively labelling them as ‘anti-vaccination’. CSL shares valued at $674 million, plus Pfizer shares worth more than $265 million, $251 million of Johnson and Johnson shares, and over $134 million of shares in Merck were equity holdings of the Future Fund Board of Guardians as of 30 June 2019.

    $310 million worth of Facebook shares are also listed in the Future Fund portfolio, and it is notable that Facebook is now hindering citizens’ free discussion of matters relevant to vaccine products and policy with its self-appointed ‘fact-checkers’.

    Mr Costello, many groups around the world are now working on fast-tracking coronavirus vaccine products, being led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and with taxpayer-funding from many governments, including at least $352 million from the Australian government.
    Please note more discerning citizens will be demanding transparency and accountability for the lucrative vaccine products being pressed upon the global community.
    Corporate media groups such as Nine Entertainment Co will also be held accountable for biased reporting which provides unquestioning promotion for vaccine products.

    In Australia, News Corp also promotes biased coverage of vaccination matters, without disclosing its own conflict of interest in being a corporate partner of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, an organisation which is involved in vaccine product research and development.
    Rupert Murdoch’s mother Dame Elisabeth Murdoch was involved in the establishment of the original Murdoch Institute, and today Sarah Murdoch is a member of the Board and the Ambassador for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
    News Corp tabloids were behind the No Jab, No Play media campaign, which was obligingly adopted as policy by politicians across the political spectrum in Australia, and enacted as the coercive No Jab, No Pay law under Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister in January 2016. Members of the coercive vaccination lobby groups SAVN and Friends of Science in Medicine, e.g. John Cunningham and David Hawkes, were influential at the Senate Committee hearing re the No Jab, No Pay Bill in November 2015, which was attended by SAVN supporter Senator Richard Di Natale.

    Mr Costello, biased corporate media groups in Australia have failed to provide critical analysis of taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, an area which is awash with conflicts of interest, a situation that has been allowed to fester under both Liberal/Coalition and Labor governments, including during your tenure as a Liberal Member of Parliament. Likewise the taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS have failed to provide critical analysis of vaccination policy, simply acting as unquestioning promoters of vaccine products via their news articles and broadcasts.

    I have recently written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison requesting transparency for the various committees and organisations influencing vaccination policy, e.g. the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation; the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee; the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance; the TGA’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines; the TGA’s Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee; the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; the Telethon Kids Institute; the Working Group and Oversight Committee for the Australian Academy of Science publication The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers; and any other group or organisation influential on Australian vaccination policy.

    It’s also notable that members of the industry-funded Immunisation Coalition are very influential in the media and on policy, but seldom disclose that this organisation is funded by vaccine manufacturers Seqirus/CSL, Pfizer, Merck (MSD), GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. The Immunisation Coalition is also associated with the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and other medical organisations, and is also sponsored by Google and others. Dr Tony Bartone, the current President of the Australian Medical Association, is an Immunisation Coalition member, a fact which is seldom disclosed in media articles. Other members of the Immunisation Coalition who are frequently provided with a soapbox in the media include Professor Robert Booy, Associate Professor Margie Danchin, Dr Katie Attwell and current Chair Dr Rod Pearce, but they seldom disclose they are associated with a vaccine industry-funded organisation.

    I have repeatedly brought many matters of concern about vaccination policy to the attention of journalists in Australia, including at The Sydney Morning Herald, and the taxpayer-funded ABC, but there appears to be a determination to ignore conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, and emerging problems with vaccine products.

    Mr Costello, please be aware of your conflicts of interest via the Future Fund, and in your position as Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co, and ensure that its media interests fulfil the ideal of the fourth estate and provide balanced and considered analysis of matters relevant to national and international vaccination policy.

    I request your response on this matter.

    Elizabeth Hart
    Independent citizen investigating conflicts of interest in vaccination policy and the over-use of vaccine products

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  6. Unfortunately the courts are all on the payroll, they are corporate businesses. Lookup the business ownership of peker maroo pty Ltd. business names such as, the king and queen of Australia, labor party, liberal party, the courts, the government, the police. Just trying to let people know: wake up , by the way. I think someone from that side has violated your telegram account. They have blocked me for disagreeing with them