Victorian MP’s Standing up for our Rights can’t vote Against Important Upcoming Legislation

In a Parliamentary sitting last Thursday, Victoria has extended the theme of medical discrimination to the floors of Parliament, deciding in a 31 to 4 vote that all MPs entering Parliament will now be expected to produce proof of vaccine status.  

In a motion introduced in the Upper House by Emergency Services Minister Jaclyn Symes, it is now required that MPs must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a vaccination booking, with anyone failing to comply with the order suspended from entering or voting in Parliament until 2022 and having security access passes revoked until such time.

This is a national first for Australia, with Victoria again leading the way in further dismantling our fundamental human rights and now determining which medical procedures are a requirement to represent the public in a democratic nation.  A more suitable example of an oxymoron couldn’t exist. 

It might interest you to read which MPs supported the continuation of this medical tyranny, beginning with the duo representing a party that showcases policies supporting equal rights and justice for all. We were surprised to see both Tania Maxwell and Stuart Grimley from the Justice Party voted in favour of the motion, thus supporting the medical discrimination of their peers. These MPs have appeared seemingly measured throughout this pandemic, on many occasions voting alongside the people, but not on this? Why the change?

Other usual suspects who voted in favour of the bill and came as no surprise include Fiona Patten, the leader of the “Reason” Party; Samantha Ratnam, leader of the Greens and Andy Meddick from Animal Justice. 

While the motion was supported by the coalition and passed, it wasn’t without some cautionary statements, including from Gordon Rich-Phillips, who called it a “very troubling motion“, but strangely he and others who displayed hesitancy still went on to support the motion. 

However, we want to highlight the 4 MPs that exercised their democratic rights while they still had them and voted against the bill. These include MP Jeff Bourman from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, MPs David Limbrick and Tim Quilty of the Liberal Democrats, and independent MP Catherine Cumming. 

Bernie Finn abstained from the vote, saying, “I believe that that is a breach of human rights. I believe that that is something that we as a parliament should not be condoning.” 

And the MP that deserves a special mention is Neil Angus, who was the only member to vote against the bill when it was passed in the Lower House, but also according to The Age, is the only member who has also refused the medical procedure.

Mr Angus spoke;

“I am standing against Daniel Andrews today, who once more seeks to impose his will on all those around him. I am standing here for all the people who, whether through necessity or free choice, are not receiving this vaccination. I am standing here for the many thousands of Victorians who are about to lose their jobs tomorrow as a result of exercising their conscience and their free choice. I am standing here for the people who have been coerced into being vaccinated.” See the moving speech here 

On Friday morning, in the aftermath of the vote, those MPs who chose not to comply with the directives were given their marching orders and placed on suspension. The Real Rukshan interviewed MP Catherine Cumming in her office to get her point of view. See interview here

Ms Cumming spoke candidly with Rukshan

The mandate is something that should never have occurred. The reason why past generations, why the legislation is written the way that it is, is so people can make free and informed decisions for themselves. And here we are forcing people to make a health choice”  … “I find it completely cowardly that the Federal government’s allowing somehow under states of emergency, removing people’s rights.”

So, the question is, where does this leave those members of Parliament who are actually standing up for our rights? 

Ms Cumming stated that the most important thing in Parliament is the opportunity to vote; with this suspension, MPs like Catherine will be able to debate and speak remotely in Parliament but not vote. If, in effect, those voices are removed from Parliament, suspending their ability to vote on important pieces of legislation, including the upcoming extension of emergency powers, is this not a gross (and some might say coincidental) interference in our democracy?

Complete list of members who voted in favour of the bill:

Mr Atkinson; Dr Bach; Mr Barton; Ms Bath; Mr Bourman; Ms Crozier; Mr Davis; Mr Elasmar; Mr Erdogan; Mr Grimley; Mr Hayes; Dr Kieu; Mr Leane; Ms Lovell; Ms Maxwell; Mrs McArthur; Mr Meddick; Mr Melhem; Mr Ondarchie; Ms Patten; Ms Pulford; Dr Ratnam; Mr Rich-Phillips; Ms Shing; Ms Stitt; Ms Symes; Mr Tarlamis; Ms Taylor; Ms Terpstra; Ms Tierney; Ms Vaghela; Ms Watt

Read the minutes of the proceedings Here

Contact your Local MP and let them know your thoughts

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  1. I have absolute faith that all these self-serving gutless hypocritical cowards will pay one way or another for their selfish goals.  How do they look their parents, partners, kids, in the eye after proving to be so weak in character?  We will remember them.  And we will get rid of them.

  2. Democracy is dead in Victoria. We have lost our most basic of human rights. This state of emergency is not necessary,  it is unjustifiable, it is disproportionate and it is not time-bound.

  3. Sadly what I expected has come to pass! It has become blatantly clear for some time now that any legal challenge, even of our most basic human rights enshrined in our constitution, will be futile! The tyranny has come full circle and the Australian ELITE, politicians federal and state as well the judiciary are forcing the rules needed for total control of our population required by the NWO. Our democracy is no longer if we do nothing!
    The JAB is the KEY FACTOR for the ability to control and monitor the worlds population! We know it is not a vaxxine by definition because it brings NO immunity for covid or anything else for that matter!
    Conspiracy theory? Well, talk to me again about that in 12 month if we both are still alive! May God protect us.

  4. You understand why they trying to cover up every way that ends them right? because they know they are completely fucked…. The truth is coming and it will bury them all in one swoop, they are all guilty, they will be executed, they know this, they are scratching and clawing , but its not enough, these evil swamp donkeys are going to be removed no matter what insanity they attempt.. Its literally only time in our way.. Dark to Light, lies to truth. 

  5. Yankee Doodle Downunder

    Lockdown Andrews and his minions shutting down the city.
    Cutting off the arms and legs of poor old civil Liberty.
    Rubber bullets in the streets; Children being teargassed
    Pharma tests a therapy and Aussies become lab rats

    The Anzacs gave their blood to fight for freedoms in this country
    but unelected bureaucrats are stomping on democracy
    Jabs for life the crazies Chant; Hazards of new powers
    Truckies try to make a stand; most politicians cower

    Parasites in politics, conspiracy pandemic
    Power becomes absolute, extortion is endemic
    Kneel before the new regime; Omnibus in session
    Question the authorities and be a prison resident

    Fear becomes a currency and Freedom can be traded
    Leaders of the great divide defend what they created
    Informed consent has now been waved; truths have been rewritten
    Media parrots have been trained and rights are now a victim

    Fauci paved the way to silence Ivermectin
    Skerrit from the TGA has ordered its suppression
    People dying could be saved If given early treatment
    But Parliament has killed debate; real science is deleted

    Eureka Flag is flying high, a symbol of rebellion
    True Aussie spirit still alive despite being in detention
    Its time for us to make a stand and take a vote for freedom
    Stolen rights must be regained to stop poor Aussie’s bleeding

  6. I agree with everyone’s comments about our lost democracy.
    You can call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I still believe in
    “darkness comes before the dawn” and “what goes around
    comes around”.