War on Truth

RDA social media accounts are being censored by big tech, trying to keep a hold on the narrative they have set, and will do everything in their immense power to protect it.

Please take action now and join or subscribe to RDA so that when the censorship of truth final amounts to social media accounts being taken down, we can keep still keep you informed.

Please –

  1. Keep Sharing ALL POSTS across all networks – together we can create an insurmountable network of indivual nodes, so its harder for big tech to censor
  2. Subscribe to our NewsLetter
  3. Join an RDA local Community Group
  4. Join RDA Social for a private, uncensored social media platform
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Australian Notes

The following article posted on Spectator Australia The past two years have seen the trust many Australians’ have in their institutions brought to an all-time

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Latest News

Back To Gold

Following article from Spectator Australia With the ASX having hit its lowest point since December 2020 earlier this week, and housing prices in major cities

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