A trading system where members exchange goods and services without money…what! Hear more about it at the Freedom Summit Downunder 2022

This event is about GREAT INITIATIVES, not just about people with big profiles or platforms. The Freedom Summit Downunder gives amazing people with great initiatives a chance to share what they’re doing so people can learn and implement them within their own communities.

Jayne Gaynor speaks on community-based, complementary trading systems where members exchange goods and services without money. There are many of these trading systems around the world and are commonly known as;

“Community Exchange Systems”,
“Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)”,
“Mutual Credit “ trading systems or “Time Banks”. 

Complementary exchange systems foster the real wealth of communities and rebuild a sense of worth and self-esteem among their users. The spirit of these systems is quite different to what most of us have experienced in the ‘old’ money system.


Freedom Summit Downunder 2022 – Melbourne

How to live peacefully and prosper, even in chaos

This event will focus on tools and strategies we can all use to live our best lives, no matter what is happening around us.

  • How to live in our society without supporting corporations, industries and systems that are working against us.
  • How to build and connect to a local community that will support each other, both emotionally and physically.
  • How to look after our well-being and health no matter what challenges we face.

Note – if it goes well, we’ll do a tour around Australia

Guest speakers confirmed so far;

When: 7pm till late. Wednesday 13th July 2022

Where: Melbourne CBD – Exact address will be sent via email privately

Tickets: $85/per person – includes bar tab and canapés

Accommodation is available for $160/night. Email us directly to organise [email protected]


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